WhISPER is a project founded by EIT Raw Materials. This project will help the copper sector in its development towards a more sustainable mining and metallurgical processes so the European Union remains competitive while preserving and taking care of the environment and natural resources. More precisely, this project aims to:

Reduce the environmental footprint of the copper sector by the efficient recycling of a waste material that is generated during the production of copper: iron silicates, also called copper slags.

Implement innovative technology so the consumption of energy and water is strongly decreased compared to the current practice in the copper industry.

Valorize the iron silicates into a high-quality material with multiple potential applications in the construction sector.

Contribute to the need for increased sustainability in multiple industrial processes and sectors. The valorization of the iron silicates as a high-quality by-product of the copper sector is a step towards a more Circular Economy and more sustainable production and consumption, which is one of the Sustainable Development Goals formulated by the United Nations.

The WhISPER project is a collaboration of multiple actors from different regions within Europe.

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